Friday, May 26, 2006

Tony Blair, the UN and Global Governance

I found myself in a funny position today. Listening to none other than Tony Blair, and agreeing with every single thing he said. I was a genuine fan when he first arrived on the scene. He was pro EU, relativley young, and he didn't look like someone had forgotten to plug him in. Such an improvement on Thatcher, Major and the Tories generally that it quite took your breath away.

Then along came Iraq war 2.0 and his slavish, even bizarre willingness to support Bush, even when he didn't need too. It was creepy and disturbing, what could have been more peculiar than Bush and Blair? The failed Texan Oil Man and the wunderkind of the British Left.

Good times, eh "boys"?

Now, we hear this, just to rattle our cage a little further : Http://

Mind you, it is good to hear isn't it? In the words of the Great Colbert, Blair "gets it". The current structures that pass for Global Governance have been groaning and creaking in an alarming manner for quite some time, something had to give, and it looks like it finally has.

The pivotal question now of course, is will Bush "get it"? Or will he continue on his way with the next Cola-ition of the borderline deranged, and basically bewildered.

On practically every front, Bush is out of step with not just US opinion, but global opinion. Time to flip flop Meester Jorge Bush.

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