Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finding Nimmo

Pitiful conspiracy nut loses control of metaphorical bowels on hearing about global referendum.

Kurt Nimmo, an equal opportunity purveyor of paranoia (left, right and centre), was in a feverish delirium of excitement on Thursday. He'd somehow managed to get hold of the the latest plans of the Green Gay Alliance of Soul Enslaving One Worlders, GGAoSEOW for short. They have well established links to China; just try pronouncing GGAoSEOW. SEE!?

Their appalling plan? To encourage a small NGO to further its plans for a global referendum on global governance—basically, to ask everyone on the planet the following question: Do you support the creation of a directly-elected, representative and democratic world government?

Oh the humanity! GGAoSEOW will stop at NOTHING.

The piece is unselfconsciously titled: Minor League NGO Calls for Globalist Imposed “Democracy.” This from an absolute (as opposed to merely relative) nonentity like Nimmo. Not even the legendary ”total perspective vortex” can crack this kind of self reflection fail.

No doubt, dear reader, your naivete and general air of unknowing innocence will cause you to wonder ... WTF? How is this a problem? I mean we’re just asking the question, right? But you can’t pull the wool over Kurt’s eyes. He KNOWS what the real agenda is. How he knows this isn’t explained exactly ... but surely it has something to do with extended exposure to comic sans, poor formatting and psychadelic HTML.

For your entertainment, here is a brief sample of the lunacy. Don’t forget your safety gear!

Stark and the 45 authors enumerated in the press release are suckers for the real honest to pete globalists who have anything but democracy in mind. On the contrary, the real one-worlders desire nothing less than to strip every last human on the planet of any sort of god-given or natural right and turn what might have been paradise into a slave labor gulag with a high-tech control grid overlay. As for what they ultimately have in mind for us, it is carved on the Georgia Guidestones — a eugenics-inspired reduction in world population to a mere 500 million souls who will be automatons serving at the beck and call of the elite.

Nimmo explores the known continuum of wingnuttery, and perhaps a little beyond, dispensing with a coherent article in favour of wild-eyed paranoia, coupled with weak-kneed bleating. The unholy progeny of this union are an army of straw men; miserable exemplars, all drooping barn scrapings, reeking of bullshit, and drenched in horse piss. Nonetheless, Nimmo knows his audience and hits them with both barrels of teh blazing, undiluted stupid. The kind of concentrated stupid that burns, the white phosphorus of the intertubes.

The depressing truth of course, is that this kind of rancid nonsense detracts from actual atrocities being perpetrated in plain sight; murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing occurring right now in Dafur, Zimbabwe and Chechnya to name but a few of the more familiar trouble spots. You’d think Nimmo’s attention would gravitate to the steaming piles of dung on our collective plate, but no, Nimmo is on all fours studying the dining room floor with a magnifying glass, hunting for the tiny unicorns that live in the carpet.

The real danger to our future doesn’t come from the shadowy bogey men lurking in the dusty corners of Nimmo’s mind, but in our well documented, relentlessly human impulse to demonise, dehumanise and destroy ”the other.” Indeed, Nimmo’s ”article” is a textbook example of the genre; rich with nefarious and scheming ”elites.”

In all of human history the only way we have found to control the impulse to tribalism is through agreed laws fairly applied. It’s time to take that global.

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